Sun Visor For Lockly Smart Lock

The Lockly Sun Visor is the perfect accessory to protect the digital keypad of your Lockly smart lock from direct sunlight, enhancing your lock’s functionality and security. It is available to designated Lockly smart locks, including the Vision Series, Secure Series and Model S Series.

With its easy to filp open design, it provides shade to prevent glare, ensuring clear visibility at all times. It is made from aluminium to offer long-lasting performance in any weather condition. It’s easy to install, which can be effortlessly and seamlessly attached to your Lockly smart lock.



Enhanced Protection

Shield the digital keypad from direct sunlight to ensure your Lockly smart lock stays fully operational and user-friendly, even in bright outdoor conditions. Protect the keypad from damage and enhances its lifespan.

Superior User Experience

Maintain clear keypad visibility for accurate PIN code entry by providing shade. Avoid any inconvenience, potential errors or misreading caused by sunlight glare, ensuring a smooth user experience regardless of the time of day or the intensity of sunlight.

Prolonged product lifespan

Reduce the risk of damage or discoloration to the digital keypad over time due to exposure to direct sunlight. Extend the lifespan of your Lockly smart lock, guaranteeing enduring functionality.

Versatile Usage

Explicitly designed to integrate effortlessly with Lockly smart locks, compatible with Vision Elite, Lockly Vision™, Secure Pro, Secure Plus and Model S. This versatile accessory can adapt to various environments, such as homes, offices, or vacation rentals, where sunlight could compromise the visibility of the keypad.

Vision Series, Secure / Model S Series


Satin Nickel, Matte Black


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