Secure Link WiFi Hub

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Secure Pro already includes the Secure Link Wi-Fi Hub in the package.

If you purchased a Secure Pro, there is no need to purchase a Secure Link Wi-Fi Hub.


Secure Lock WiFi Hub


Real-Time Alerts and Monitoring

Monitor your smart lock and control access anytime, anywhere with the added PGH200. The Wi-Fi enabled hub connects seamlessly to your smart lock and app, providing live updates whenever you need them.



No more worrying about whether or not you shut the door. Our wireless door sensors provide accurate information on the status of your door, whether it’s securely shut or still open.

Secure Lock WiFi Hub
Secure Lock WiFi Hub



Secure Link Wi-Fi Hub is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, making your smart home complete. Ask Alexa questions like, “Is my front door locked?”

Compatible With all Lockly Smart Locks

Lockly® is an easy-to-use smart lock solution that is meticulously designed featuring the highest level of security available. With your smartphone, monitor door access from anywhere and securely control who comes and goes.

Lockly’s mobile app lets you lock and unlock your door and create access codes for your family, friends and tenants.

Secure Lock WiFi Hub

Deadbolt Smart Locks

Works with Lockly® Secure and Secure Plus Deadbolt Smart locks. Comes included with Secure Pro.

Secure Lock WiFi Hub

Latch Smart Lock

Works with Lockly® Secure and Secure Plus Latch Smart Locks. Comes included with Secure Pro.

Secure Lock WiFi Hub

Mortise Smart Lock

Works with Secure Mortise Smart Locks.

Easy Installation

Easy plug and play installation to any existing or new Lockly smart lock. Simply follow the on-screen instructions in the app to set up.

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Deadbolt – Satin Nickel, Deadbolt – Matte Black, Latch – Satin Nickel, Latch – Matte Black

5 reviews for Secure Link WiFi Hub

  1. Harvey Smith

    I just hope I knew that I can purchase a bundle of this and the Lockly lock latch itself, but overall, I’am so much pleased and satisfied to have it! I can now control my lock easily from anywhere and anytime i want to without hassle and complicated installation process. This Lockly lock certainly gives me best experience of confidence with my family’s security!

  2. AMG63

    Wifi module works great!!!

  3. ZurkeyDurkey

    This Lockly Secure Hub works great. Setup was simple, as was my Alexa integration. The Lockly Secure Hub is within 10ft from my front door lock, but it is 15ft+ away from the nearest router and/or mesh point. If you have an Xfinity Modem/WiFi Router combo, a cheap Belkin router, or even the Nighthawk routers, you’ll definitely want to keep the distance under 10ft (I guarantee you a $300+ Nighthawk isn’t going to give you much better range). If you can, get an Eero or AmpliFiHD mesh network. Not only will it increase the distance you can place your Lockly Secure Hub, but it’ll fix a lot of other WiFi issues in your home, as well.I am definitely a life fan of Lockly after using their smart door lock and hub.

  4. 7302

    It work

  5. Barbara McDonald

    Easy to setup, works perfectly.

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