Lockly Vision™ Doorbell Camera Smart Lock

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Lockly Vision™ is a revolutionary smart lock with a built-in HD video doorbells that combines Lockly’s award winning smart lock features and technology with the convenience and security of today’s most popular video doorbells.



Meet the world’s most advanced smart lock that’s also a video door bell.

Lockly Vision is a revolutionary new smart lock with a built-in HD video door­bell that combines Lockly’s award-winning smart lock features and technology with the convenience and security of today’s most popular video doorbells.

Lockly Vision

Live video monitoring and recording.

Know who’s at your door with live view camera streaming real-time high-resolution video to your smartphone. Recordings are stored on the included SD memory card where they are private, safe and secure.

Features and capabilities no ordinary lock can match.

Your finger is your key.

3D Biometric fingerprint sensor is unlike other optical readers that can easily be tricked by using images of fingerprints.

Lockly Vision
Lockly Vision

Peek-proof digital keypad.

Patented PIN Genie® touchscreen prevents codes from being guessed by randomly shuffling PIN number locations.

Smart home ready.

Control and check your door status by using your voice through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Lockly Vision
Lockly Vision

Send Offline Access Codes to people you trust instantly.

Generate Offline Access™ that expire within a specific period of time you set to anyone needing access. Codes do not require users to download an app or have Wi-Fi or Internet connection.

Lockly Vision

Security and control from anywhere.

Remotely lock and unlock your door or simply check status from anywhere using the Lockly mobile app.

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Plug-n-play Internet connect.

Plug-n-play Internet access hub seamlessly discovers the network and establish a connection in just minutes, all through the convenience of your smartphone.

Lockly Vision

Universal Fitment and Easy Installation

Lockly® Secure Latch and Bolt editions fit both Right swing and Left swing doors from 1⅜” to 2″ thick. Installs easily with our step-by-step instructions in just 10 minutes.

Lockly Secure Plus Dimensions
Lockly Secure Plus Dimensions
Lockly Secure Plus Dimensions
Lockly Secure Plus Dimensions
Lockly Secure Plus Dimensions
Lockly Secure Plus Dimensions
Lockly Comparison
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Satin Nickel Deadbolt, Matte Black Deadbolt, Satin Nickel Latch, Matte Black Latch

3 reviews for Lockly Vision™ Doorbell Camera Smart Lock

  1. Travis5050

    The lock system is incredible! Installation was surprisingly easy. Once set up, I was easily able to connect to my network and set up my profile.  I’m able to lock/unlock the door from my phone. I also get text alerts when the door is manually lock/unlocked. Other features are the video capture at the tap of a button. The 30 second video is stored for review at a later date. Overall, I am very impressed with the system and love the brushed nickle finish. I would highly recommend.

  2. Soccer10

    This Lock is a Beast! This lock replace my only security lock with touch pad. This lock was pretty easy to install it took about 45 minutes. I love the features it has with the App for your phone and it has a doorbell ringer and a camera. On the app you get notifications to see who’s at the door and you can unlock and lock from your phone. You also can Have Alexa lock and unlock the door too. I like the digital touch pad only thing about it is you have to tap pretty hard to turn on . The best features on this lock is the Fingerprint scan and the Auto lock sensor!! If you forget to lock the door. The sensor has a timer and will lock itself and you can change the timer on the app. This lock is by far the best and I am super happy with it!.

  3. beave0222

    This lock has far exceeded my expectations! We had a keypad lock we enjoyed prior to getting the LOCKLY Vision. Now after installing and using the LOCKLY, our old keypad lock seems like a dinosaur! The LOCKLY installation using the 3D BILT app was by far the easiest “can’t mess this up” instructions I have ever used. They are very clear, precise, and you can even zoom in and rotate the parts and also select a part to get more info on its identity and functionality. It took me a little over a half hour to install but that was due to taking out the old deadbolt keypad before installing the LOCKLY. I also felt like I went slower because it was that easy to install, I felt I was missing something! The packaging and presentation is nice, the Instructions and user manual are a nice supplement also. once the lock is installed, the programming portion of installation follows. Setting up the hub on our WiFi, programming the code, fingerprints, and settings were a breeze. I played with the thing for an hour with all the amazing features within the software. The camera and two way talk is a great feature. I can see this being the go-to lock for rental properties and vacation homes. The options to send temporary codes For visitors, ability to lock and unlock from wherever you are in the world, peace of mind, let the dog walker in when they arrive, the options seem endless for what a lock is capable of! Oh and it is a doorbell too! The volume carries throughout most of the house and you also get a notification! So you tap the notIfication and automatically are on live video and voice with the visitor. The only thing I am curious about is if the video would record and store on the hub microSD from motion, and not just when the doorbell is pushed or keypad tampered with. This may be an option in setting that I just haven’t found yet. Anyhow, the LOCKLY Vision is a must have for every household, great for households with children knowing when they arrive home safely, rental properties, businesses, etc. I highly recommend this outstanding product!

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