Lockly Smart Safe

The Lockly Smart Safe is a cutting-edge security solution designed to protect your valuables with unmatched features.

It seamlessly combines advanced technology and robust construction, allowing you to unlock it effortlessly using your fingerprint, access code, or smartphone.

The Lockly App enables you to remotely monitor your safe from anywhere, providing real-time notifications for your peace of mind.

Equipped with innovative functionalities like Duress Finger Alert, Twin Credential Opening, and a reinforced alloy steel body, the Lockly Smart Safe offers a secure storage solution for your valuables, important documents, and much more.

Wi-Fi Enabled | PIN Genie® Keypad | Biometric Fingerprint | Smartphone Control | Premium Fortified Steel Alloy | Manage from Lockly App




Lockly Smart Safe

Digital Keypad | Fingerprint | Smartphone Control

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Compact Assembly

Made of fortified 2.5mm alloy steel with corrosion resistant coating and fireproof interior inlays

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Hack-Proof Digital Keypad

Patented PIN Genie® touchscreen prevents codes from being guessed by randomly shuffling PIN number locations. Up to 37 access codes

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Biometric Fingerprint

3D Biometric Fingerprint Sensor stores up to 99 fingerprints. Unlike other optical readers that can easily be tricked by using images of fingerprints

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Full Control with Smartphone

Unlock, check safe status, track access history, and unique users from anywhere through free Lockly App

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Laser Cut Backup Keys

Equipped with a high security C-Grade lock cylinder to prevent technical lock-picking and unwanted duplication of keys

Touch and Grab

3D Biometric Fingerprint Sensor recognizes fingerprint in less than 0.3sec, access and grab your valuables in case of an emergency.

Duress Finger Alert

Assign specific finger that will automatically send duress notification for extra security.

Smart Notifications

Receive open/closed real-time alerts status from anywhere, anytime on your smartphone.

Twin Credential Opening Capability

Optionally assign two different fingers or codes to open.

Real-Time Control And Monitoring

Remotely unlock or monitor in real-time with alert sent to your smartphone.
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Auto-Lighted, Easy Lift Unlocking

Pneumatic gas strut unlocking mechanism syncs with interior low LED light, allows user to quietly open and grab the pistol using a single hand.


Mounting Kit & Anti-Theft Cable

Secure mounting kit and anti-theft cable to prevent the safe from being moved or stolen.


Air Transfer Capabilities

Quickly copy and transfer your stored fingerprints and access profiles from your Lockly smart lock to the Locky Smart Safe.

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Unlock by scanning the unique blue QR code on the safe via Lockly app

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Type-C 5V Backup Power Supply

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Revocable eKeys & eBadges

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Offline Access Codes™

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Plug-N-Play Wi-Fi Network Setup

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Working Temperature

From -20°C to 60°C

Designed And Built For Quality And Durability. Drop Test Passed For Ultimate Closed-Door Security.

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What's included

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  1. Lockly Smart Safe  
  2. Secure Link Wi-Fi Hub
  3. Anti-Theft Cable
  4. Mounting Kit
  5. Physical Keys x 2
  6. AA Alkaline Batteries x 4
  7. User Manual

Frequently Asked Questions

Can someone easily hack into my Lockly Smart Safe?

No, the Lockly Smart Safe is highly secure and cannot be easily hacked. It is powered by PIN Genie technology to prevent the codes from being guessed. It also features a 2nd Gen 3D biometric fingerprint sensor that cannot be faked through images. Additionally, the Twin Credential Opening Capability allows users to assign two different fingers or codes to open the safe, further enhancing security.

How many fingerprints can I register in the Lockly Smart Safe?

You can register up to 99 fingerprints in the Lockly Smart Safe.

Can I control the Lockly Smart Safe using my phone?

Yes, the Lockly App allows you to unlock, check safe status, track access history, and manage unique user profiles from anywhere.

Can I transfer the stored fingerprints and access profiles from my Lockly Smart Locks to the Lockly Smart Safe? Is it safe?

Yes, with air transfer capabilities, you can quickly copy fingerprint or user profiles from your Lockly smart lock to your Lockly Smart Safe via the Lockly App. This process is convenient, safe, and can be done remotely.

Can I duplicate the laser-cut keys? What can I do if I lose my laser keys?

The Lockly Smart Safe features a high-security C Grade lock cylinder, preventing unwanted duplication of keys. In the event that you lose your laser keys, you may contact Lockly and provide the unique string of codes*, the serial number of the product, and the purchase record of your Lockly Smart Safe to prepare a copy. (*A string of codes can be found on the laser-cut key, please keep them properly)

How many batteries does the Lockly Smart Safe need? How long do they usually last?

The Lockly Smart Safe requires 4 AA batteries and can last up to 12 months under normal use. Additionally, the safe features a Type-C 5V Power Port that can serve as the main power supply for daily use.

Does the Lockly Smart Safe work when the power is out?

Yes, even if the batteries go completely dead, you can still power the safe by connecting a Type-C cable.

What is the warranty for the Lockly Smart Safe?

The Lockly Smart Safe comes with a limited mechanical and finish warranty of up to 5 years and a limited 2-year electronics warranty. Additionally, Lockly offers lifetime customer service and technical support. For more details, please refer to https://lockly.com/pages/limited-warranty.

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