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Airbnb Security – How to Make Your Airbnbs More Secure

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The Airbnb market continues to grow for both renters and property owners. Airbnb makes it so
easy for homeowners to turn their spare living space into additional cash.

In fact, it’s impossible to visit a city without an Airbnb. Easily, it’s become one of the most
popular lodging options for leisure and frequent travelers alike.

Maybe because it makes guests feel more at home (really!) than staying in a resort or hotel. But
the growth poses a new challenge.

As an Airbnb business owner, keeping your business safe is not easy. And security risks are fast
becoming annoying.

There is always the possibility of someone breaking into your home. Or the fear of someone
damaging your property.

And the fear is no less for the tenants. Besides, most tenants are not always around to ensure
their belongings are safe.

Host protection policies from Airbnb are incredible. But is there more that you can do?

Additional security precautions are essential in ensuring that your property is safe. It would be
best if you didn’t overlook any security risks.

Don’t forget that the safety of your Airbnb can get you that 5-star rating you’ve been aiming at
since the beginning. It’s all part of the service.

If you have little to no ideas of how to up your security, don’t worry, we got you. Here are some
tips to get you started.

Use smart locks for your Airbnb

Smart locks are some of the most incredible inventions of all time. It is a must-have security
feature for any Airbnb.

You can install this security feature for every tenant’s space. That way, your tenants can rest easy
knowing that even in their absence, their properties are safe.

Lockly is one of the most advanced smart locks manufacturers. With each new invention, there
are new features.

For instance, you can install the smart lock and video doorbell combination device for the utmost
security. It offers you a lot more protection, interaction, and control of your door.

What you get from smart locks

There are so many features that make these smart locks invaluable. And Lockly Vision smart
locks have even more advanced features.

Here are some of the latest features that can provide you with more security.

Smartphone app

Smart Lock Phone App

As the owner of Airbnb, you may be a busy person. And possibly, you may not be there always.

But with the smartphone app, you can easily control your home’s door. You can lock and unlock
it from anywhere at any time.

PIN Genie

This feature from Lockly makes putting your PIN Code safe from prying eyes. Every time you
key in your PIN Code, the keypad shuffles the keys.

It’s peep proof. If someone was snooping around, then that person will not be able to catch the
key you pressed.

You can now worry less about someone stealing your code.

Offline access code

Lockly allows you to generate up to 18 offline codes at the same time. You can provide your
tenants with these.

The remarkable thing about these codes is that you can monitor them. Every time someone uses
it, you will get alerts.

But that’s not all. Offline access codes are just that, offline. You, therefore, do not need an
internet or a Wi-Fi connection.

You will be able to monitor both the entry and exits of your tenants. You can provide your
tenants with time-limited ekeys that according to how long they plan to stay.

And you can also revoke the ekeys anytime if the tenant’s stay is cut short for personal reasons.


The other impressive feature of Lockly’s smart locks is real-time alerts and notifications. For
instance, every time someone tampers with your door lock, you get a message on your phone.

But that is not all. You will also get an alert when there is someone at the door. When your
doorbell rings, so do your phone.

Your phone will chime the moment someone presses the doorbell. And whenever someone
unlocks and locks the door, you will get real-time logs to notify you.

Now that you know all the remarkable security pro features you get with smart locks. Let’s get
back to the tips.

Create and stick to you Airbnb policies

You make policies that can help protect your property. Guests can sometimes damage your
property either knowingly or unknowingly.

The policies can clearly state what isn’t allowed and the penalty for committing the vice.

And although it is easy to ignore when someone commits a vice, it is not right. That person
should pay the penalty.

That way, other guests and tenants will adhere to the policies.

It would help if you had policies about staying with multiple guests and pets. You will soon
realize that these policies will protect your home against damage from non-resident guests and

Clearly state the responsibilities of your tenants

A lot of guests and tenants will expect you to ensure the upkeep of your home like they would in
a hotel.

But that is not always the case with Airbnb. It is up to you to let them know what you expect of
them during their stay in terms of upkeep.

Responsibility such as picking up after themselves is better to state from the beginning.

Assign areas of your home that are off limit to the guests

To prevent feeling like the guests are imposing on your privacy and that of your family, assign
areas that guests should keep off.

These areas are off-limits to everyone else but you and your family. What better way to keep
your privacy intact than this?

Put away any valuables from the common area

Decorating your Airbnb is a great idea. But not so much if the decorations are valuable.

Sure, you decorate the place and make it as presentable as possible. However, it should only be
items you will not care about losing through damage.

You can remove the items from your space all together to avoid your home being a target. After
all, there are also people sharing space with you.

Other forms of décor can make your Airbnb perfectly beautiful. And still, make your Airbnb

Bottom line;

There are over 6 million Airbnb listings in thousands of cities. People are turning their private
properties into lodgings for guests and tenants.

However, keeping your property secure is a challenge. But with these tips and guidelines, you
can easily protect your Airbnb from damage and theft.

You can do all these without turning your guests off. Besides, safety comes first.

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