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Are Fingerprint Smart Locks Secure?

If you have been looking for a fingerprint smart lock, but are not sure if they are right choice for your home, then we hope this article can help.

With a wealth of information on the many options of smart door locks available, it is easy to see why people are generally more confused after researching the many options and features available.

Why do I need a fingerprint smart lock?

Traditional locks involve keys. Sometimes many of them. There are reasons why vehicle manufacturers have now moved away from keys and moved towards keyless entry. They are more convenient and much more secure.

Traditional key locks have the opportunity of being lost, copied or stolen. In the case of being copied, you might not even know that other keys are out there in circulation.

Fingerprint smart door locks eliminate those risks altogether and only allow entry to those whose fingerprints have been programmed into the lock itself.

Gone are the days of having locks that can be cracked open.

What if I need to remove the fingerprint?

Simple. Lockly Smart Locks allow easy and instant remote removal on fingerprints and pin codes via the smart lock app with all WiFi enabled door locks.

This is especially helpful if you have temporary guests, contractors or rent out your property to vacation seekers.

Lockly also allows you to view access attempts and unlocked history via the app, allowing you to know when your visitors come and go. Forced entry is almost impossible with Lockly fingerprint locks. The smart lock system has an integrated alert system that will notify you of failed access and forced entry.

Key access locks dont offer the same level of security that smart fingerprint locks do, especially when you can view access attempts remotely.

With fingerprint locks being impossible pick, and attempting to damage the lock raising an alert, it is easy to see why they are far superior to key locks in terms of security and piece of mind.

fingerprint smart lock

How do I manage the fingerprints?

Lockly allows you to store up to 99 fingerprints per lock, giving you the option to include multiple fingerprints for one individual. These fingerprints can be easily revoked.

Fingerprint access is fast, within milliseconds allowing you quick access when the time arises. Forget trying to fumble around for your keys.

If for some reason your fingers are dirty and the print cannot be read, simply use the PIN Genie keypad technology or open your lock with your smartphone.

Lockly Vision smart locks offer an additional High Definition camera allowing your fingerprint smart lock to become a HD video doorbell which can be viewed from your smartphone via the Lockly mobile app from anywhere you have phone reception.

This added feature allows you to see who is at your front door. before opening it or who is trying to access it.

Lockly fingerprint smart locks are a great addition to any smart homes offering complete integration with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri (coming soon).

To see the full range of Lockly fingerprint smart locks available, simply visit the Lockly online store.

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